LS 1 – LS 36 
Adams, River,
The Long Midnight, XXIX, 37

___________, The Mongrel Gods of Thebes, Nevada, XXXVI, 115

Abel, Robert, Demons Come Between Us and The Light I, 106
Aitken, Brian,
Blackie XXI, 90

Alvarez, E.C., The Immigrant, XXXIII, 9

Al Shawaf, Rayyan, Who You Are, XXXIII, 109
Appachana, Anjana,
Sharmaji VII, 11

Armstrong, James, Little Falls, XXXV, 96

Backstrand, Brian, The Milk Route, XXV, 32
Ballantine, Poe,
The Power of Knowledge X, 25
Eskimo XIII, 105
Barragan, Nina,
Five White Shirts II, 186

Baynes, Bill, Mrs. Spooner’s Special Day, XXXV, 9
Beane, Jim,
Maris Stella XX, 33
Beardsley, Joe,
The Hole VII, 93

Behrendt, Linda, A Chilly Peace, XXVIII, 28
Ben-Yaacov, Miriam,
My Brother's Keeper VIII, 68

Berkman, Marsha Lee, In the Time of Dreams, XXVI, 23
Blake, James Carlos,
Perdition Road IX, 75
Bobo, Stephanie,
The Wickedest Child IX, 53
Bouman, Stephen Paul,
The Prodigal Father X, 79

Bourne, Nancy, Massive Resistance, XXXIV, 52
Brackett, Judy,
Star Jasmine XI, 61

Branum, Reneé, The Lightning Left No Mark, XXXII, 151
Brien, Pat,
One of the Boys,  XXII, 28
Bright, Nancy,
The End of the Azalea Trail V, 122

Brightwell, Gerri, Waltzing, XXX, 65
Brooks, Ben, 
A Family, a Laundromat, a House, a Tree IV, 126
Moon over Seagull X, 131
Boys XV, 107

______, One Little Thing, XXVI, 51
Buchanan, Jeffrey,
Intifada IX, 93
Burnham, R. P.,
Pilgrim of Eternity I, 86
Dionysus Unbound II, 82
The Visitations VI, 109
One Night in Danny's Life VIII, 86
Burns, James,
The Beauty of Barbed Wire XVII, 79

Burns, Geoffrey, Leaf Curl, XXX, 141

Carroll, Jeffrey D., The Draft, XXVI, 94
Cariello, Matthew,
Glorious Angels XIX, 113

Carpenter, James, Reclassified, XXIX, 71
Carpenter, S.S.,
Journey Inland,  XXIII, 13
Carter, Jared,
The Shoat III, 96

Carter, Philip T., The Tramp, XXXV, 80
Chandler, Sherry,
Home Fires VI, 136 

Ciesla, Meagan, The Tallest Men, the Broadest Shoulders, XXXI, 63
Chilson, Peter,
Toumani Ogun, XXIV,  31

Clanton, Robert D., Chicken Shack Blues, XXVII, 124
Coates, Lawrence,
Cherry Rain XIII, 123
Eye of the Mountain XXI, 120
Cody, Tom,
Rendezvous II, 162
Collier, Diana G.,
The Secret III, 53
Condon, Phil,
River Street X, 105
Broken-Promise Land XIII, 134
Conlon, Christopher,
The Face of History XIV, 77
Map of the World XV, 14
Loving Anne XVII, 11
Whisper XVIII, 42
Copeland, Ann,
Will II, 11
Corso, Paola,
Saint Odo's Curse XVII, 25
Culwell, David,
The Last Entry of Józef Kamienski, XXIII, 39
Currans-Sheehan, Tricia,
The Chicken Plant, XXII, 124

______, Sister Nancy and the Shamrock Lady, XXVI, 109
Dame, Edith,
My Friend, the Indian VII, 28
Daniels, Jim,
No Pets XII, 137
Darr, James,
Foreign Relations II, 105
Davey, William,
Survivors VI, 29
The Thanksgiving of Antichrist VII, 43
Lil Sister VIII, 12
The Angry Dust X, 13
Prisoners of the Wind XII, 45
Maniac with the Paving Stone XVI, 34
The Volleyball XVII, 100
Remembrance of Chauffeurs Past XX, 71
Two Prisoners, XXII, 46

______, Brother of Cloud in the Water, XXVII, 50

______, Under the Parasol Pines, XXX, 52

______, Twelve Horsemen, XXXII, 27
Denniston, Keith,
The Whip VIII, 102

Dickerson, Ken, Geneva, XXVII, 31
Dickinson, Stephanie,
A Lynching in Stereoscope XXI, 11
Dixon, Rebecca Taylor,
From Between the Clouds XIV ,9

Doyle, Darrin, Happy Turkey Day, XXVI, 38
Drabble, Margaret,
Stepping Westward XVIII, 31
Emerson, John L.,
The Cave, XXIII, 28

Enck, Gretel, Smelling the Earth, XXXVI, 42

Epstein, Ann S., Bea  and Bruce, XXXIII, 92
Erichsen, P. O
., The Last Rebellion XIV, 50
Evans, Walter,
Peter and the Wolf V, 11
Fabiano, Mark,
Wooden Spoon, XXII, 58
Falco, Raphael,
Night Manager, XXIII, 117

Ferraro, S. L., Blood Pressure, XXIX, 109

Field, Robin E., The Next Level, XXXVI, 94
Foster, Sesshu,
Tovar's Daughter XI, 112
Fox, Hugh,
Class Struggle III, 164

Friddle, Mindy, The Sea of Tranquility, XXXV, 138
Fuoco, Joe,
Killer on the Floor of the Forest II, 37

Furst, Harry, The Otherworld Mission, XXVI, 132

Gallagher, Jamey, A Closer Walk with Thee, XXVIII, 85
Gargano, Elizabeth,
The Blue Waitress XII, 30
Red Dog XX,14
Garrett, Greg,
Bridges XVII, 12
Gauffreau, Elizabeth,
You Can't Shut Your Eyes
Against the Light VII, 112

Gauthier, Ronald M., Modern Black Boy, XXXI, 86
Gentile, Catherine,
Seduction, XXII, 90  
Girault, Norton,
Leandro, XXIV, 90
Goodman, Henry,
Mary Thorne I, 130
Gottlieb, Andrew C.,
Security, XXIII, 61
Greenside, Mark,
The Dreamer of Dreams V, 106
Gridley, Sam,
A Plain, Ordinary Picture XIX, 57

Gula, Mark, Ernesto’s Story, XXX, 12

Ha, Khanh, The Afterworld of Samuel Rossi, XXXII,118
Halley, Anne,
Change of Life I, 57
Hanson, Nels,
Sleeping Child Lake XI, 13

Harris, Joel, The Silent Child, XXXI, 25

Harris, Kevin, The Trail, XXXVI, 59

Harrison, Brady, The Guest, XXXIV, 85
Hart, Frank,
The Dog VI, 124
Hill, Jane,
Seeking Refuge IX, 11
Himmelspach, Donald,
Darby's Blues XIV, 92

Holmes, Jamie, A Reporter’s Work, XXVI, 66
Holsaert, Faith S.,
A Liberal Education VI, 66

Houle, Landon, Orphaned Things, XXXII,  39
Huber, Dorothy,
You Couldn't Call It Murder IV, 9 
Hutchens, Shawn,
Midnight and the Fleeing Phoenix, XXIV, 12

Innis, Julie, The Abortionist’s Daughter, XXIX, 125
Irving, Donn,
Ozark Scrub IV, 77
Skinners VI, 53
Potato Famine VIII, 53
Aunt Sabetha and Doctor Sabin XI, 135

_____, A Penny-Ante Case, XXV, 98
Irwin, Ivor S.,
A Matter of Semantics VI, 13
Zebra Crossing VIII, 29
Blue Christmas XII, 118
Jensen, Kim,
Night of the Mijwiz XVIII, 84
Johnson, Margaret Hunter,
The Nineveh Road XVIII, 67
Johnson, Natalie,
For You, They Will Be XVIII, 113 
Johnson, Paul,
The Summer She was Seven, XXIV, 122

Jones, Billie Louise, Borderline, XXV, 74
Judson, John,
Hole Notes XI, 34  
The Enigmatic Power of the Letter "J," XXIV, 108

Katon, Alison, Walking to the Bright Land, XXXII, 129
Kitterman, Barry,
Union Wages X, 61
Kraft, Eugene,
Make Her Tell Us More, Pa XX, 83

Krause, Richard, The Betrayal, XXIX, 52
Kuby, Lolette, Poison  XVI, 131
Kulamer, Betsy,
The Guardian of Her Solitude XVI, 67
Larson, David,
Brothers XX, 57
Lauer, Craig,
Of a Girl in a House by a River XVI, 13

Leary, Jan English, Endwell, XXXVI, 75
Lida, David,
Acapulco Gold XVII, 47
Logan, Malcolm David,
Black Dust,  XXIII, 91
Lohre, Michael,
Once a Gypsy Girl XIX, 27

Louis, Edward S., Little Fotungus, XXXV, 124

Lundberg, Drought, XXXIII, 53

Lusvardi, Anthony R., S.J., One Week in Africa, XXVIII, 110
Majumdar, Saikat,
Red-earth, Homeward XXI, 69

Malakoff, Dan, A Lesser Love, XXXIII, 30
Maloney, Judith A.,
White Sands VII, 76
Mandell, Richard,
Reusable Dreams I, 153
Manilla, Marie,
Get Ready, XXIII, 137
Manley,Michael S.,
Long Way from Aurora XV, 77
Marcus, Stanley,
No Country for Old Men XII, 14

Martel, Simone, Calle del Veneno, XXV, 129
May, Dan,
Special Delivery XIX, 43
Mayfield, Steven,
The Next One XIII, 38

McFretridge, G.D., Little Man, XXXII, 55

Metcalf, Danielle, Judgment Day, XXXI, 45
Meixell, Steve,
The Rubble XI, 72
Montgomery, Ellis,
A Doubtful Case VI, 83
Moore, Laura Rogerson,
Silver Stars XVII,130
Moore, Jack B.,
Sick Room VII, 123
Moore, Paula Ruth,
The Hoof IX, 107

Morales, Jennifer,  Heavy Lifting, XXVIII, 12

Mort, Graham, Whitethorn, XXXV, 46
Murphy, Roberta,
Belladonna,  XXIII, 80

Nelson, Paul, Refrigerator Church, XXVI, 81

______, Just for Eggs, XXX, 85

Nystrom, Eric, Army of God, XXV, 10

Oleson, Lee, Twenty-First Century City, XXXII, 136
Opler, Daniel J.,
Hope Springs XIX,134

Ormes, Forest Arthur, Deportee, XXVIII, 52
Overmyer, Janet,
The Summer of My Beginning XI, 87
Pachuta, Andrew,
Sanctuary, XXII,

Panella, Vincent, A Joke But Not a Joke, XXXIV, 21
Peavy, Linda,
What Went On XIII, 59

Phillips, Georgina, Little Alice, XXXI, 136
Phillips, Louis,
A Dream of Countries Where
No One Dare Live VIII, 123
The Old Woman Who Remained Inside IX, 30

Pomerantz, Susan, Windward, XXXV, 26
Pomfret, Scott D.,
The Solace-Root XVII, 59
Power, Victor,
The Ragged Rascal Ran I, 12

Preston, John, Everything Important Happens on a Hill, XXX, 105
Raleigh, Michael,
Lardner's Driver III, 128

Ramspeck, Doug, First Snow, XXXVI, 27 
Reeves, Bruce Douglas,
You Only Live Once, XXIV, 136
Rhine, Barbara,
The Lowest Form of Animal Life XII, 69
Rheinheimer, Kurt,
Rain I, 40
The B & W XX,106
Rhine, Barbara,
The Lowest Form of Animal Life XII, 69
Ricketts, Wendell,
The Mysterious Decampment of
Rydel Wents XIX, 70

Rigney, Mark, Roll with It, XXXI, 120

Ronci, Jeff, How the Flying Fish Got ITs Wings, XXXIV, 7
Robbins, Thomas G.,
The Walls of St. Rasa & DeTabula III, 81
Robinson, Heather,
Awakening X, 49
Sadiq, P. A.,
Midsummer II, 61
Sable, Barbara Kinsey,
Green Hair XV, 57
Sanchez, Sandra,
Give Me a Poster of an Old Rodeo XV, 91
The Vast Darkness XIX, 84
Danny and Joe, a Friendship XXI, 52

______, Lillian and Alexander, XXV, 86

Schmidt, Jan, The Cabdriver, the Yoga Lady, and the Cell Phone, XXVII, 111
Schmidt, Margaret Ann,
The Lake Effect XII, 103

Seager, Jean, Hero, XXXVI, 11

Seeley, Michael, The Grey Shore of Conscience, XXXIV, 145

Sexton, Rex, Trouble Town, XXXI, 8
Sharratt, Mary,
Story of Geese XV,125
Maiden of the Mill XVIII, 100
Shepherd, Josh,
The View Across Mexico Road XVI, 116
Shwayder, Sandy,
Connections V, 59

Signor, Randy Michael, The Gypsies, XXV, 112

Simpson, Lucy, The Care and Feeding of Captive Bears, XXXII, 7

Small, William J., My Dearest Sister, XXXIII, 144

Smith, Daniel Terence, In and Out the Eagle, XXV, 45

Smith, Paris, Payday XIX,11
Miss Crown Jewel, XXII, 72
Down Macon Way, XXIV, 52
Snee, Tom,
The Right Thing XXI, 24

Snow, Barbara, Capri, XXIX, 88
Stanciu, Brett Ann,
Earthly Needs XIII, 92

Stauber, Myla, Country of Unknown Origin, XXIX, 9
Stern, Steve,
The Stolen Child III, 15

Stevenson, Gloria, The Pond, XXXIV, 103
Stites, Clara,
Fish of a Feather XXI, 38

_______, A Story for My Father, XXVIII, 69

Stowe, Kathleen J., A Good Old Dog, XXVII, 10
Svendsen, Sharon E.,
Learning to Sleep XVIII, 13
Swisher, Robert K.,
Ned V, 79

Tasker, Michael Caleb, In the Sweet By and By, XXIX, 23

Thompson, Drew, Cool Hand Bill, XXXIV, 129
Thorman, Richard,
The Hired Man V, 22

Toma, T. L., This Vision of the World, XXVII, 66
Torre, Andrew,
Run Nigger! IV, 43
Urrea, Luis,
First Light, IV, 147   
Vian, Jack, Jr.,
Living on Paper, Dying on Trust, XXIV, 73

Vivian, Robert, The Lord Stopped the Bleeding, XXV, 59
Wahl, Edward,
Anywhere, XX, 136

Walker, Victor, Southside Girl, XXVIII, 132
Wallace, Robert,
Tell Me a Story, XXII, 106

Walsh, Courtney, Promise Me, XXVI, 10
Walton, Michael Eugene,
Brothers in Arms XVI, 50
Warner, Sharon Oard,
Strangers V, 42
Winter Storms IX, 130

Washburn, Michael, The Reckoning, XXXIV, 37
Weaver, Gordon,
Learst's Last Stand XVI, 91

Weidner, Paul, A Tale Told by an Idiot, XXX, 29
Weinberg, D. L.,
The Rent XIII, 74

Wergland, Karyn, After the Accident, XXIX, 138
Weyhing, Ed,
Speaking from the Heart XIII, 11

Wheatcroft, John, Uncle Oscar’s Funeral, XXVII, 139

________, White-Out, XXX, 128

________, The Prisoner’s Brother, XXXII, 69
Whitty, Frank,
Madame Queen XIV, 37

Winn, Howard, Boxcar Beginnings, XXXIII, 68
Wright, Barbara,
Earth's Gifts IV, 57
Wroblewski, David,
Candy and Wheeler XIV, 113
Yori, Tom,
The Cave-In XX, 120

________, TnT Moving, XXXI, 105
Zelitch, Simone,
Lucille XV, 27
Zhang, Quan,
Boomerang XVIII, 130

Ziegenhagen, Timothy, Carbondale, XXVII, 73


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